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Color Scheme

The light blues and grays create a peaceful feel to the website. They wanted something soothing to mimic the emotions that improved breathing would emulate. The ribbon accents laced through the site alternate between the site colors to make the transitions between the different banded sections more cohesive.


The font choice of Poppins allows the text to be easily read against the colors in our palette. The curves in the type further emphasizes the relaxing and calming color of the site while the boldness makes the content more engaging.

Illustration Work

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"Working with Cusdom Agency made designing and implementing a web app user interface more rewarding than I could have imagined."

Their technical, communication, and interpersonal skills -- including open-mindedness and the ability to work productively with a team, and within deadline and budget projections – exceeded even the glowing recommendation that led me to them.

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Estelle Freedman
Faculty, Stanford University